Culinary Adventures in Sicily

Culinary Trip 2012
Our “meet & greet” for our upcoming Culinary Tour of Sicily!

What happens when you put 12 people together, most of whom are virtual strangers, for the purpose of traveling to a far away destination on a Culinary Adventure? Remarkably, the result is a breath of enthusiasm and an all encompassing familial acceptance that we all share a love of food, culture, and everything Italian! After two short hours, we bonded and were ready to conquer Sicily! Stay tuned for updates on our magical, mystery tour of Sicily, March 27th through April 3rd.




2 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures in Sicily

  1. Cindy I am sooooo jealous! I love Italy and I love to cook. I really think one of the ladies should let me go in her place ;)
    Hope you all have a wonderful time!

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